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Procurement Cooperation

Procurement Cooperation

  • Update of the SADC Medicines Database, a tool to provide transparency in pharmaceutical procurement and cost savings
  • Ensuring a working Pooled Procurement Network (PPN) to support information and work sharing activities among the SADC member states
  • Pharmaceutical Procurement Supply Management Standards and Good Practices
  • Information and work sharing in procurement cooperation among countries – includes areas such as prices, tender schedules, procedures and tender award results
Regulatory Strengthening

Regulatory Strengthening

  • Technical support for countries ready to transition to e-CTD implementation and implement the necessary systems and structure
  • Linkage between pharmaceutical procurement cooperation and regulatory harmonisation
Civil Society


Civil Society

  • Working with Civil Society organisations to collaborate on Harnessing the TRIPS flexibilities in promoting access to medicines
  • Use of evidence based data to improve transparency in pharmaceutical procurement and supply management
  • Use of pharmaceutical data to elicit corrective interventions by relevant government departments to improve access to medicines


  • Working with Civil Society organisations and SADC Parliamentary Forum on Harnessing the TRIPS flexibilities in promotion of access to medicines
  • Assisting SADC Member States to review Intellectual Property legislation to take advantage of TRIPS flexibilities in improving access to medicines
  • Emphasis on the need for all SADC countries ensure that their national IP/Patent laws include TRIPS Flexibilities and exclude the prohibitive “ TRIPS-plus” components
  • Technical Working groups set up in 7 countries (Botswana, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Seychelles, Swaziland) to drive implementation of the necessary legislative changes
  • To read more on Trade, TRIPS and Access to medicines visit the TTATM website
Information Technology

Information Technology

  • Providing technological support and assistance
  • Tailored development solutions
  • Consultancy
Essential Medicines & Health Products
Service Delivery
Information Sharing
Human Resources
Health Service Governance
Financial Management

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